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Announcing Upcoming Changes to our ToS

  We’re on the eve of a very exciting reboot of the entire website, and as part of that reboot we’re reimagining the entire way the community works to give you more control of the course of development of your stories and the setting.

We’re really looking forward to presenting you with the finished product, it’s been a long time coming, and we are confident each and every delay on the launch date will be worth every extra week spent on the platform.

What’s changing…
One of the big changes that we’re working on is rethinking the entire play-by-post role-playing process by breaking down all the barriers that stop you from exploring the setting’s limits. That means giving you more opportunities to collaborate or write solo stories depending on what your heart is set on.

We’re also looking at new ways to allow you to present and showcase the stories you’re working on to your friends and the rest of the community. These will all be core features of the new website we’re working on.

New Worlds Project as your publisher…
Another aspect that we’re changing through this Reboot is a commitment to help you finish your stories and for them to be a part of anthologies that we would like to release to the public for purchase each year. We’re planning to institute a royalties programme so that each and every one of us gets a chance to be recognised for the quality sci-fi stories we’ve worked on for the last decade.
We’re calling our revolution a 360? Creativity experience which is what New Worlds Project will be all about moving forward. From inspiration, to execution, to completion – our community is all about tapping into our sci-fi Asimov potential and nurturing it.

What that means for you the user…
One of the important prerequisites to allow for this to happen is for us to announce that we will be changing our terms of service and that as a result, it will be important for us to be able to apply the new terms of service to the existing body of work that has been published on the website.
What it means is that content submitted to the New Worlds Project site will be governed by a specific set of copyright and licensing terms, in accordance with local and international laws. We intend to make your content much more visible whether that be on the site, on other people’s sites, or in publications that we sell.

In legal terms…
When the new site will be rebooted (target date is Saturday 26 April), the following copyright and terms of service will apply to all content currently existing and submitted on our website.
Content submitted to New Worlds Project are derivative works of the New Worlds Project setting subject to the copyright of New Worlds Project ASBL, nonetheless, each member benefits from a perpetual license to use of content they submit to New Worlds Project.

Any content which is submitted and not related to New Worlds Project remains your copyright and New Worlds Project makes no claim to that content.

Concerns? Questions?
If you have any questions concerning these new terms of service. Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of the New Worlds Project team if you have any questions by posting on the forums here

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