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Reboot Day 21 - Introducing the Gohorns

  Reboot Day 21 - Apologies for the lack of updates. We've been kept busy! But let's give you a treat both for your eyes and to inspire you! Introducing another of the major species of the New Worlds Project. The Gohorns are a species that command respect. Would you be able to write a story about them? Join us on the forums where we're busy writing short stories at! Thanks to David Collins ( who was commissioned to render the new take on the Gohorns!

Valiant | Noble | Militaristic | Prideful | Principled

Physical characteristics
• Average figures: 3m in height, with little difference between females and males.
• Skin tone varying shades of green, leathery in texture, similar to lizards
• Long black hair, males braid their hair down to thighs, females braid differently
• Broad shaped, large muscled limbs – stronger than the average human
• Claws replace finger nails, eyes are red
• Two large upper incisors
• Average lifespan nearly 150 years, extended to 250 years by medical technology
• Sharp eyesight, weak sense of smell
• Faces tend to be wider than the average human
• Highly resistant to disease and illnesses

Relationships and sexual behaviours
• Inexistent family culture:
o Children reared by the Directorate in central education centres
o Females have no desire to rear children in family units

• Two-tied and male-dominated
• Military is the end-all and be-all of the Directorate
• Strong warrior culture
• Females assigned to support roles (medical, repair, intelligence, analysis)
• Predominant faith is the Johas faith underpinned by its 7 principles
• War and battle are central tenements of Gohorn society:
o War and battle is waged only when necessary, but is appreciated
o Honourable
o Strict code of conduct
o 15 years of mandatory military service
• Abhor meaningless violence, criminals, and telepaths

Writing a Gohorn
• Naming convention: Mono or duo-syllabic names with one harsh consonant
o Examples include Prezal, Larjarak, Saljka for males
o One apostrophe after first syllable for females: Mor’Wan, Ark’Jor
• Plain-spoken
• Principled, see the world in simple terms of right and wrong.
• Deeply respectful of warriors
• Militaristic and highly respectful of chains of command
• Highly reverent of war and battle, but not blood-thirsty


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