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Augusta (31 items)
New Worlds Project's first novel, written by Kim Smouter set in the Rosebourg Monarchy
Chapter 11
by Kim L. Smouter author list
A Few Years Ago Hold?hold?and release, his entire body broke from its frozen and stiff position as he spun on the heels of his shoes. He brought his hand up to his face, hiding his eyes, as his left arm twirled around him. His arm waved back, as his entire body moved to the next dance position. His body [read more]
Chapter 12
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?Our fighter-craft interceptors have been dropped out at Star Post 31, they?re being replaced with two fighter-bombers equipped with the right missiles to take down the Gohorn mining fields. The mining fields are only there as a temporary measure? their sole purpose is to detect our arrival, and unfortunately, they?re going to detect it one way or the other. The [read more]
Chapter 13
by Kim L. Smouter author list
We have sworn allegiance to one family, to one Crown. Our allegiance is a lifetime bond; it is our gift of total trust and loyalty to our Crown. We defend the Crown, against every enemy, which may rise up to damage her. We protect the Crown, from mistakes committed by others, and mistakes committed by herself. We never question the [read more]
Chapter 14
by Kim L. Smouter author list
The relationship between the Rosebourg Prince and the Terran diplomat?s son had deteriorated, despite several interventions from their mutual friend to change this matter. Jean-Philippe was left flabbergasted about what he should do; his cousin Andr?, and his significant other Nelson simply were not clicking. All the signals being sent by the two boys were opposite, and the racial component [read more]
Chapter 15
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?Communications blackout?s been initiated, Captain,? The Executive officer reported, as he squinted his eyes. ?Very good, how are you holding up?? Hermann-Dubroux replied, staring into the zombie eyes of her Executive officer. ?As fine as can be, I suppose.? ?How long?s it been since we had any sleep?? ?Since we crossed the border? Seventy-two hours at least.? ?You know, we might [read more]
Chapter 16
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?How?s the morale holding up?? The Prince asked, looking at Thunderbird. ?Collapsing.? ?Is there anything I can do?? ?Unfortunately?? Thunderbird sighed, his shoulders drooping, ?No.? ?I heard about the incident.? Thunderbird sighed, looking away from the young prince as he tried to erase the memory from his mind. It had been the first time he had raised his gun against [read more]
Chapter 17
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?Raven?s Roost, CONN, what have you got for us on the SIGINT?? ?We?ve got one big echo coming on extreme long range sensors? could be a Gohorn fightercraft carrier.? Hermann-Dubroux?s brushed her hair slightly; having stood up since the general quarters call had been put out. There was no sense in being caught unprepared in the middle of enemy territory; [read more]
Chapter 18
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?When are we expecting the Terran envoy?? The King asked his secretary general as he looked over the briefing on the electronic display? there was a lot to be discussed today. ?A little past twelve, your Majesty,? was the monotonous reply. ?Very good then, where?s my son?? ?Last I heard he was heading towards the beach.? ?He?s been doing a [read more]
Chapter 19
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?Anaconda VII dead ahead,? The navigation?s officer reported as the large red giant appeared on the viewscreen. ?Very good, steady as she goes, prepare to assume a low orbit,? The Executive officer ordered, as he walked past the Captain towards the tactical operations consoles. ?TCAC, CONN,? The Captain tapped the intercom line open, ?Where are our Gohorn friends right now [read more]
Chapter 20
by Kim L. Smouter author list
The starbase was built deep inside an asteroid field over the third planet of this outer star system. The starbase was one of the largest facilities in the region; it was part of a weak outer network of defense installations. Starbase Obsolon had been the first starbase to pick up the distress signal that had originated from the royal guard [read more]
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