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Peacekeepers (23 items)
Second novel in a planned trilogy written by Kim L. Smouter about the Rosebourgs
Chapter 9
by Kim L. Smouter author list
Georges held onto the document that was in his hand with nervousness, even though he had already had several copies of the document made in the event someone would try and assassinate him for it. Despite this fact, the fact that he knew he had taken every precaution for the safety of this document, his hands remained shaking. The Architect [read more]
Chapter 10
by Kim L. Smouter author list
Several Months following the ?Tank Incident? The sergeant tossed his ciggy towards a small grass patch; the ciggy burned itself out shortly thereafter. He was clad in a full combat armour suit, his metallic helmet wrapping around his head, his eyes were covered by what seemed to be a blue screen. One could barely see his eyes, but from [read more]
Chapter 11
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?I?ve got him!? One of the enlisted men shouted as he smashed his rifle butt against the youngster, sending the boy down to the ground. ?I?ll go after the other one!? The head of the squad shouted as he ran after the leader of the pack, his com-panel on his arm chirped, as he tapped on it, continuing to run. [read more]
Chapter 12
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?It?s authentic,? the Terran deputy ambassador stated, as he remained standing, handing the document back to Vinedinevianne. Vinedinevianne had asked once again for an opinion, she had been asked by the Rosebourg Monarchy to hold off on this matter until they could be certain of it. ?Thank you, Deputy Ambassador,? Vinedinevianne replied as she accepted the small circular data [read more]
Chapter 13
by Kim L. Smouter author list
The Rosebourg Mission to the O.I.P. seemed buzzing with activity as deputy-ambassadors, and civil servants moved from corridor to corridor, office to office in order to answer various media representatives? questions. It wasn?t just the media representatives asking questions, it was also fellow governments, wondering about the validity of the evidence which had been presented in what could only have [read more]
Chapter 14
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?It?s been several weeks since they?ve blocked our motion, and it?s been several weeks since this entire Jul II problem is on the headlines of my newspapers,? The King?s voice was noticeably annoyed, ?Why haven?t we been able to get anywhere with this?? ?I believe it?s stemming from a variety of problems, your Majesty, most of which have nothing to [read more]
Chapter 15
by Kim L. Smouter author list
Luna Minoris was, in all practical terms, the homeworld of the newest power broker on the block. With a little over one hundred forty member races, Luna Minoris? great Confederacy was beginning to place itself as the new incontournable power on the negotiating tables of the OIP. This, the Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds had proven when they used [read more]
Chapter 16
by Kim L. Smouter author list
"We cannot let the fate of Jul II be decided by foreigners, High Counsel,? One of the viziers, leaders of the religious government stated passionately. "It is the will of the Viziers," Another mentioned. "It is the will of the faithless!" Another screamed, "The Confederacy is caving to others' demands and so be it if Divid burns as a sacrifice!" [read more]
Chapter 17
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?Ambassador Vinedinevianne,? the female voice replied to the ICOM. ?Ambassador, I was wondering if it was possible to book an appointment with the ambassador representing the Confederacy,? The voice of Vinedinevianne?s secretary replied. ?Concerning?? ?Jul II Dossier,? came the brief reply. ?Very well,? Vee was tossed immediately into thinking about the dossier and all that it entailed, ?Can you ask the [read more]
Chapter 18
by Kim L. Smouter author list
The hover-bots awoke from their late-night slumber. The first one stretched its multi-purpose arms. Its belly warned that it had arisen from its slumber ? two blue navigational lights on the top and bottom flashing on and off a three seconds interval. From its control tower, the hover-bot was being fed instructions, its brain, represented by a series of [read more]
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