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Major Powers of the 26th Century

Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds
The youngest major power filled with hope and prosperity
A General Introduction
Star Systems Engaged in Integration
Acadanans (Acadanan Star System)
Leaders of the Anti-Federalists
Religiously Inclined, and Leaders of the Pro-Rosebourgs
A New Major Power on the Block
L'nhraei (Leethra Star System)
Rumoured to be the True Brains behind the Confederacy
The Big Plan of 2490
Taurii (Luna Minoris Star System)
Founding Fathers of the Confederacy, Leaders of the Pro-Federalists
The Members
85 Voices Forming as One
Ventaars (Gohorn Minor Star System)
The Military Brains of the Confederacy, Leaders of the Pro-Gohorns

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