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Augusta (31 items)
New Worlds Project's first novel, written by Kim Smouter set in the Rosebourg Monarchy
Chapter 1
by Kim L. Smouter author list
The Royal Guard was created to serve the Crown, to protect the Crown, to die for the Crown, the words echoed through Senior Cadet Lee-Andrew as the shuttlecraft?s afterburners whistled in the Cadet?s ears. The Royal Guard is the best, the most elite, the most professional, the Cadet could not shake the words as he looked out the window staring [read more]
Chapter 2
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?Bogey at five o?clock!? The supervisor shouted as the weapons officer locked onto the incoming enemy. The manual anti-fightercraft guns roared loudly as it spewed its deadly energy over a selected area of space. Light blue and white energy smashed onto the fightercrafts, sending one of the fighter-interceptors stumbling away with a smoke trail lagging behind it. It was a [read more]
Chapter 3
by Kim L. Smouter author list
A Few Years Ago ?You going to say mercy?? The boy stated in a small grunt as he pinned his opponent to the ground. ?Go to hell!? The opponent replied, as he tried to lift himself up, despite being pinned. ?Well fine then, see if I care,? The boy playfully slapped his opponent, getting an even feistier response. They had [read more]
Chapter 4
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?Release docking clamps,? Lt. Cmdr. Herman-Dubroux ordered as she stepped off the elevator tube. ?Aye, Captain,? The Chief Navigations Officer replied, ?Releasing docking clamps.? The long orange tubes that linked the R.R.G.S. Augusta to the fleet yards facility released, as they curled away from the starship. The vessel?s navigating lights activated, as they flashed at strategic locations: the top of [read more]
Chapter 5
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?Vortex drive?s fully exhausted, Captain,? The navigation?s officer reported as the twenty-four hour cycle of the dual generators was completed, ?Returning to impulse.? ?Acknowledged, Navigations,? The Captain replied as an old-style bell sounded to report the ending of one vortex drive cycle. ?Operations, inform engine room to activate recharge generators,? The Executive Officer ordered as he looked over at the [read more]
Chapter 6
by Kim L. Smouter author list
Several Years Ago It happened annually, the entire palace would be brimming with the noise of immature gossip. What disagreements politics couldn?t resolve, friendship would, and sometimes when adults couldn?t get the job right, the problem was shifted to the children so that the children came out as the problem solvers. The massive ceremony hall in the largest palace in [read more]
Chapter 7
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?Simulation complete, percentage of targets hit seventy-five, report transmitted,? The computer reported in its usual monotone voice. ?Well done, Cadet, you?re certainly getting better by the day.? ?Thanks Sir,? Lee-Andrew looked around, the weapons control room, sighing for a moment. ?You?ve done enough for one day, Lee-Andrew, might as well call it a day. Dismissed,? Navar nodded to him as [read more]
Chapter 8
by Kim L. Smouter author list
A Few Years Ago ?You like him?? Andr? looked at his cousin suspiciously as they walked down the corridors of the summer palace, ?As in like him, like him?? ?I don?t know?? Jean-Philippe kept his eyes away from Andr? has he explained the ?Nelson? situation. ?Dude, that?s not possible man, he?s human!? ?I know?? ?Think about what people will [read more]
Chapter 9
by Kim L. Smouter author list
The escape pods were like a meteor shower descending upon Tygris III, as the small crafts entered the ionosphere of the planet. The imaginary shield that protected Tygris III from the elements yielded to the crafts as they continued their rapid descent. Neither the craft, nor the planet particularly wanted to share the same space, as the friction between the [read more]
Chapter 10
by Kim L. Smouter author list
?Krap?!? One of the crewmen shouted as the last metal piece was placed into the monolithic structure. ?Damn, you?re way too good, kid!? ?Thank you, sir,? Lee-Andrew replied, obligingly, looking at the finished structure. He had won the game? for the fifteenth time. ?I give up, I?ve only got so much in my paycheck.? Lee-Andrew laughed, ?I?ll quit while I?m [read more]
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