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A Heartfelt Thanks to Some Special Individuals
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Individuals who have contributed graphics to the current edition of the website or to previous editions. Whilst some of the images have been released specifically for New Worlds, a large majority of the images have not. We ask that if you plan to use any of the images you either contact the artist directly or contact us so that we may give you the artist's contact details.

Frode Abrahamsen

Frode's Website:

Frode has contributed over the many years by providing invaluable assistance on our website designs. Frode is also a skilled 3-D designer and is one of the lead designers of most of our Rosebourg starships. Frode's work is currently most visible on the splash page as well as on the banner at the top of all our pages. He also contributed most of the graphics found on our Major Powers content items.

Ryan BlissRyan's Website:
Ryan Bliss' website offers to New Worlds one of the few reliable, affordable sources for its image bank. For a small price, New Worlds is able to use some of his amazing graphics for which we are thankful. Ryan Bliss' image can be found adorning the Omnipedia content items. Most of the images located there are originally from his website.
Alex EwartAlex's Website:
We spotted Alex's works whilst we were only starting to conceive this particular edition of the New Worlds Project's website. His scenery work caught our eyes and we immediately knew where they were needed. Thanks to his generosity, many of his works are now displayed in the Omnipedia content items.
Beren BaumgartnerBeren's Website:

Authorised the use of "Sea Fortress," which remains one of the lasting symbols of Starport Nuribis and was part of the banner of SPAN v 2

Kenny "Axeman" Mitchell

Kenny's Website:

Kenny has contributed over the years a number of images which have adorned just about every promotional material we have. The current banners adorning the RedWorlds theme are directly drawn from his work. Kenny is also one of the lead designers for most of our Gohorn starships.
All AvatarsAll Avatar's Website:
A number of members of All Avatars have given generously their permission to use their images for our web-based forums. These include All Avatars members: aazari, bfire, Aingeala, astar, bustarrbear, Crystal Dragon, Flower_star,Helios-SFX, hifijohn,kainchaos, kitty 5, leliathomas, Nezumi, slshimerdla, snarff
Jolie E. Bonnette Contributed the "Phoenix" avatar image
Manuela Grimm Contributed the "Palantir" avatar image
Stephanie Shimerdla Contributed the "Desolation" tree avatar image

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