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A Heartfelt Thanks to Some Special Individuals
in General Content
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Individuals who have contributed to the coding, website design and functionality of this or previous editions of the site.
Lisa_ (Eric Vanderfeesten)Eric's Website:
Lisa_ as he is better known amongst the e107 community is the lead coder of the Content Management plugin which handles all of our content pages. His ingenious work has allowed New Worlds to take leap forwards with regards to the way we handle our numerous content pages.
McFly (Thom Michelbrink) Thom's Website:
(not available)
McFly as he is better known amongst the e107 community is the lead coder of the Forum plugin which serves as the backend to the War Zone forums (and thus coincidentally the entire New Worlds game). He has been a very keen listener to our specific needs and has done much coding work to enable us get exactly the results we want from the forums.
Hansi- (Hansi) Hansi's Website:
Hansi- has been following the development of our theme design quite closely. Not only that, Hansi- proved invaluable during our upgrade from .6175 saving a corrupted database and allowing us to upgrade .7 without having lost any data.
Jay661 (James Unsworth)
and Arun Shekher
Jay's Website:
Arun's Website:
Jay and Arun, as they are better known amongst the e107styles community have both been invaluable mentors - helping us in our first steps towards a fully custom-made theme.
The e107 Dev TeamWebsite:
e107 is made possible by a small development team. We take the moment to acknowledge and thank all of them for all their work, all their tech support, and for a wonderful product that never ceases to amaze us.

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