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Complete Information on the Natashans' Biology
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Despite the size and grandeur of the Natashan Nation, the Natashans themselves were a short people. The tallest of Natashans only grew to be 1 meter 10 centimetres tall, whilst Natashan children may only have been as tall as 60 centimetres. They were furry creatures; the closest resemblance that can be drawn between them and animal species of Earth is the koala bear.

However, Natashans had fully formed three finger hands and lacked the fluffy ears of a koala bear. Instead, Natashans had the long, floppy ears that one might find on a spaniel. They also did not have a tail. Without examining their genitalia, it was very hard to distinguish between male and female Natashans in terms of body structure. Their clothing and attitudes may differ, but physically there was little difference. Natashans had latent empathic and telepathic skills, which develop in puberty. These talents were not strong, but they are noticeable and used as a part of Natashan religion.

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