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Complete Information on the Natashans' Military Capabilities
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The Natashan Military was a powerful organisation, however totally bound to the will of the Empeks. Every military ship had a religious advisor from the Empeks aboard to oversee religious policy, and this advisor outranked even the Captain of the starship.

Natashan ship styles reflected their general architectural concepts. They were ships created to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as powerful. This meant that the Natashans had a large number of shipyards, because each ship took longer to make than its colleagues in later space navies. The Natashan military was big, but it took a long time for new ships to be constructed because each one was required to be so beautiful.

The Natashan military was often described as the Empeks' Hammer. It was the organisation responsible for the religious cleaning, the subjugation of planets and the forced conversion to the Natashan religion. Without the military, the Empeks would have been essentially powerless to spread their will to unwilling peoples.

Flagship - The Empek Natasha
Heavy Battleship - Empek Narath Class
Light Battleship - Empek Starlight Class
Fightercraft Carrier - Empek Janal Class
Battlecruiser - Empek Retunh Class
Cruiser - Empek Ulap Class
Destroyer - Empek Katan Class
Light Destroyer - Empek Imon Class
Frigate - Empek Lightan Class

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