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Nottap Armoured Hover Personnel Carrier

Attack transport able to carry Legionnaire troops to the hottest war zones
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in The 26th Century > Hover-Vehicles > Royal Legionnaires - Rosebourg Crafts
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Shuttle Motto: "A pint of sweat is necessary for victory."
Commissioned: HD: 489.11.15
Next Refit & Modifications: HD: 499.11.14
Current Assignment: Attached to Pax Class starships, and Legionnaire battalions
Type: Legionnaire Corps Transport
Classification: Legionnaire Attack Transport
Class: Nottap
Construction Site: Starbase 37, R&D Ship Division

Brief History of the Nottap
Throughout the history of the Legionnaire Corps, Legionnaires had to get from place to place in transports. Most famous was the invasion of Avran Prime. Years later, it is no different. The increasing hostilities of the outer colonies required a fast, armored, and armed attack transport for the Corps. The Nottap Class, which was first used by the Legionnaires during the Outer Colonies Crisis of 2421, was reactivated and refitted for a 2nd Generation production in 2489 to accommodate new mission parameters of Pax class starships.

Length: 25 meters
Beam: 13.5 meters
Height: 6.5 meters
Gross Mass: 35 metric tones

Crew Capacity
Maximum Operating Crew Capacity: 2 (Pilot and Weapons Operator)

Legionnaire Outfit: Standard Outfit of one squad or 12 Legionnaires
Maximum Outfit of one and a half squads or 18 Legionnaires

Thruster Speeds Capabilities
Impulse Engine Construction & Assembly: Starbase 37 Integration Facility
Impulse Engine Type: 1 Enarhcoc 112-Thruster Reactor
Acceleration from Station Keeping to Full Impulse (.25c): 15 Seconds
Maximum Impulse Velocity: .94c
Maximum Yaw, Pitch, and Roll: 20 Degrees per Second (180 Degree turn takes 9 sec)

Deflector Systems
Missile/Torpedo Interceptors:
Interceptors Type: Armageddon Interceptors
Interceptors Manufacturer: Omega Deflector Systems Division, Rosebourg Prime
Range of Interceptors: 43,210 kilometers
Interceptors Payload: 2

Weapons Systems
2 Type IX-B Lasers: 75 megawatts discharge, 1 discharge in one burst (forward only)

Deck Analysis
Level 1: Forward Section: Main Flight Control Center and Weapons Control System
Level 1: Aft Section: Main Engineering
Level 2: Forward Section: Phasers and Torpedo Launcher
Level 2: Central Section: Legionnaire "Barracks"
Level 2: Aft Section: Mini-Armory and Small Arms Loadout

Various Information
The Nottap has the ability to land on planetary surfaces and a hatch in the front and rear on level two extends out and the Legionnaires may exit or enter by those means. This can be hazardous, for when a huge firefight erupts where the N.A.T. lands there is no cover for the Legionnaires to dismount. To rectify this, several laser turrets are mounted around the N.A.T. to provide cover. The turrets can only be used a maximum of 15 minutes, so Legionnaires have to move fast.

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