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Igloo Armoured Personnel Carrier

The transport craft of choice on the frontlines manned by the Legionnaires
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Commissioned: HD: 461.06.01
Current Assignment: Frontline personnel carrier
Type: Armoured Personnel Carrier
Classification: Personnel Carrier
Class: IGO-9R
Construction Site: Elec Military Consortium, Beta Hydrae Prime

Brief History of the Crim III
Nicknamed the "Igloos," because of their circular design. The circular design was part of an innovative technology move to increase the ability of the craft to reflect small-laser fire while maintaining a decent mass to maintain speed. While the Igloos look somewhat comic, they have a serious role to play. It is the vehicule of choice for the Legionnaires to dispatch reinforcements along hot front-lines. The hull of these crafts are rumored to be able to take a point-blank 100 megawatt discharge and still survive the trip back to the main base.

Length: 7,9 meters
Beam: 3,5 meters
Height: 4 meters
Gross Mass: 36.6 tonnes

Crew Capacity
Operating Crew Capacity: 2 (Pilot, Weapons Operator)
Legionnaire Personnel Carrying Capacity: 8 Legionnaires

Hover Engine Systems
Impulse Engine Construction & Assembly: Elec Military Consortium - Propulsion Division, Beta Hydrae Prime
Impulse Engine Type: 1 ROSOB-Hover Fusion Reactor
Normal Speed: 120 kilometers per hour
Maximum Speed: 166 kilometers per hour
Emergency Speed: 180 kilometers per hour
Destructive Speed: 190 kilometers per hour

Weapons Systems
Manufacturer: Royal Armaments Consortium, Gerolden XII
Model: 30mm automatic MIC-JVC
Ouput: 70 megawatts
Number of laser turrets: 2 fore (360 degrees swivel turrets)

Deflector Systems
Missile/Torpedo Interceptors:
Interceptors Type: CELA Interceptors
Interceptors Manufacturer: Elec Military Consortium - Armaments Division, Beta Hydrae Prime
Range of Interceptors: 110 kilometers
Interceptors Payload: 4

Deck Analysis
Level 1: Forward Section: Main Control Center and Weapons Control System
Level 1: Aft Section: Protected Troop Carrier Space
Level 2: Lasers and Torpedo Launcher

Various Information
Heavily protected by a new armour type - the Igloo were certainly revolutionary pieces of equipement in their time, although most military forces have largely caught up with advances made by the Igloo and have also improved their functionalities. The Igloo has been battle-tested in various peacekeeping missions, the Rosebourg Monarchy's Legionnaires finding that while the Igloos weren't extraordinary in the service they provided, they certain did their job of getting troops safely into the front lines.

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