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AHPC Armoured Hover Personnel Carrier

Leading transport vehicle of the U.N.P.P.F.
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Commissioned: HD: 479.06.08
Next Refit & Modifications: HD: 519.11.14
Current Assignment: Attached to UNPPF Squadrons
Type: Armoured Hover Personnel Carrier
Classification: Multi-Mission
Class: AHPC
Construction Site: Sikorsky Industries, Earth

Brief History of the AHPC
The AHPC is the United Nations Permanent Peacekeeping Forces' leading transport vehicule, having operated in a wide variety of missions from search and rescue operations to frontline troop deployments. The AHPC has been equipped with light anti-personnel weaponry that is designed to provide just enough cover fire for two fire-teams to be dropped onto the soil. The AHPC is a low-detection craft, which is able to escape detection when flying close to the soil. Capable of carrying a full squadron of men, the AHPC have been nicknamed the "Black night" as a result of their paint scheme best suited for night operations.

Length: 21 meters
Beam: 7.9 meters
Height: 6.5 meters
Gross Mass: 22 tons

Crew Capacity
Maximum Operating Crew Capacity: 2 (Pilot and Weapons Operator)

UNPPF Outfit: 12 Peacekeepers
Maximum Outfit: 17 Peacekeepers

Thruster Speeds Capabilities
Impulse Engine Construction & Assembly: Sikorsky Industries, Earth
Impulse Engine Type: 1 Synergy A-1331 Thruster Reactor
Acceleration from Station Keeping to Full Impulse (.25c): 16 Seconds
Maximum Impulse Velocity: .90c
Maximum Yaw, Pitch, and Roll: 30 Degrees per Second (180 Degree turn takes 6 sec)

Deflector Systems
Missile/Torpedo Interceptors:
Interceptors Type: Armageddon Interceptors
Interceptors Manufacturer: Omega Deflector Systems Division, Rosebourg Prime
Range of Interceptors: 43,210 kilometers
Interceptors Payload: 2

Weapons Systems
Laser Turrets:
2 Type S-435 Lasers: 50 megawatts per discharge
Swivel mounted turrets, 360 degree coverage

Missile Launchers:
Missile Type: GMY-323 Anti-Personnel Cluster Bombs
Range of Missiles: 100 kilometers
Missile payload: 8

Deck Analysis
Level 1: Forward Section: Main Flight Control Center and Weapons Control System
Level 1: Aft Section: Lasers and Torpedo Launcher
Level 1.5: Central Section: Peacekeepers Assembly Area
Level 1.5: Aft-Central Section: Mini-Armory and Small Arms Loadout

Various Information
The AHPC is characterised by a slight difference in the location between the pilots of the craft, and the actual assembly area where peacekeepers sit and wait until they arrive at their launch point. The AHPC is as much able to serve as an anti-personnel vehicule as it is a troop carrier - highlighting the Peacekeepers' commitment to see as many troops as possible reach their landing points. The AHPC has seen succesful service in several OIP Peace Force deployments.

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