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Home system of the Dividians, leaders of the "pro-Rosebourg" camp
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General Information
The Divid system is one of the leading star systems located close to the Rosebourg-LMC border. As a result of its geographic position, the political position of Divid and many of its neighbouring star systems has been characterised as pro-Rosebourg. This "pro-Rosebourg" position is, however, stimulated by a genuine fear of Divid's bigger neighbour. The Rosebourg Monarchy often flexes its muscle, threatening Divid with the use of military force if it doesn't vote in a manner which is consistent with the Monarchy's own regional interests.

Divid I
Similar to Terran homeworld may have looked before cililization grew and changed the natural landscape. Divid has a remarkable amount of natural and constructed cave systems on their planet as, the culture is literally underground more than 95 percent of the time. Only space facilities and some factories have been constructed above the surface. The rest, entire cities and townships exist within the caves and through the tunnels and high speed train systems that connect the cities and caves.

Major Cities: Visier's Pride (capital of Divid), The Home Cave (religious centre of Divid), Allendia, Center Cave, Radisse, Hot Springs, Laerta, Sacred Stone
Places of Interest: Navaija Gardens (Havis), The Home Spas (Home Cave), The Great Spa (Learta), The Hot Springs (Hot Springs)
Government: High Counsel (meets at different temples annually)
Military Protection: Dividian Military of the Faithful
Government Locations: Temple of Visier's Pride, the Temple of the Home Cave, etc.
Orbit: None

Navaija Gardens: A large underground hydroponics bay, animal conservatory and arboritum spanning two hundred-fifty acres of land. Families often donate contributions to be guided on a photo safari. Couples find the arboritum an idyllic place to picnic and flirt, the arboritum also contains Yashes's cafe, famous of it's fine teas and coffees.

Spas and Springs: The Dividians really enjoy visiting the spas and public baths in their free time and even on occasion hold meetings and celebrations at such facilities. Public nudity viewed as normal and somewhat required in many day to day Dividian rituals, the public baths have become a staple of Dividian recreation and relaxation. The planet's abundance of hot springs have made most of these springs all natural. The Home Spas are a network of some of the oldest known natural spas on the planet. The Great Spa is the largest natrural hot spring on the planet, Hot Springs has made its town famous because of its Hot Springs which are believed to have healing and anti-aging properties.

Divid II
Often refered to as Vizier's Eye, the planet serves as the centre staging area for most spaceborne traffic. Likewise, the planet serves as a centre for the spaceborne military forces of the faithful.

Major Cities: Llaltor, Phenmos, Benelleve
Places of Interest: The Phenmos Space Port and Shipyard, Benelleve's Talcum Mines and Processing Plants, Benelleve's-Best Mineral Bed Building Facilities, The Palace of the Visier of Vice in Llaltor.
Government Locations: Dividian Space Corps of the Faithful Headquarters (Phenmos)
Military Protection: The Dividian Space Corps of the Faithful, Dividian Military of the Faithful

The Phenmos Space Port and Shipyard is where most Dividian ships take off from and land. Phenmos is also the headquarters of the Dividian Space Corps.

Benelleve's Talcum Mines and Processing Plants, Benelleve's-Best Mineral Bed Building Facilities (the best mineral beds are made in Benelleve)- where minerals for the famous mineral beds are mines and processed and where the best mineral beds get made. Also, large producers of daily use sprinkling powders.

The Palace of the Visier of Vice in Llaltor is the place to go when the piety of Dividian daily life gets to you and you want to get away from it all. The Palace of the Visier of Vice is no Temple but instead a luxury hotel, casino and brothel catering to almost all tastes and fetishes. Some have said it's even better than going to Earth's Las Vegas.

Divid III
Also called Ulani. Populated by a multicultural mix of citizens from all over the Confederacy.

Divid IV
Commonly refered to as Dietras. Populated by a multicultural mix of citizens from all over the Confederacy.

Divid V
Commonly refered to as Sephinaous. Home to the LMC Institute on Religion and Religious Freedoms.

Divid VI
Gas giant known as Tamielle. Home to LMC scientists studying new terraforming techniques.

Divid VII
Gas giant known as X'andrii. Unpopulated.

Divid VIII
Also called Invaracet. Populated by a multicultural mix of citizens from all over the Confederacy.

Divid IX
Also called Palatia. Home to some refugee camps housing Dividian refugees from worlds which have voted not to remain part of Divid during an OIP mandated referendum to chose whether or not these worlds wanted to join the Rosebourg Monarchy.

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