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Ventaar Heavy Battleship

The planned ship of the line of the Confederate Spacefleet
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Author Information
Basic Technical Specification Files
Class of Ship: Ventaar
Type of Ship: Heavy Battleship
Primary Mission Task: Command & Control
# of Vessels Built to Date: 200 planned
Short Description of Vessel: The Ventaar class heavy battleship was planned to be the Luna Minoris Confederacy's planned ship of the line. Powerful starships, they were intended to travel as command and control starships which would be well flanked by support vessels. These were intended to be impressive starships that would project the rising eminence of the Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds as a military force to be contended with.
Length of Ship: 1613 metres
Width of Ship: 806 metres
Height of Ship: 225 metres
# of Decks: 45 decks
Advanced Technical Specification Files

Name: VentaarLMC Registry: 0002 through 0202
Ships Planned to be Commissioned: 200
Last Refit & Modifications to Specs: Hyperdate: 490.05.01
Current Mission Assignment of Class: The proposed mission of the Luna Minoris would be command and control operations for the Luna Minoris Fleet
Type: Heavy Battleship
Construction Site(s): Luna Minoris Unity Fleet Yards (Gohorn Minor)

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