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Hippogriff 504 Dropship

A dropship designed to bring a small attack force quickly
by Vexiar author list
in The 26th Century > Hover-Vehicles > U.N.P.P.F - Terran Crafts
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Commissioned: HD: 503.12.30
Current Assignment: Frontline Infantry Insertion and Extraction Vehicle
Type: Armoured Mediumweight Dropship
Classification: Dropship
Class: Hippogriff
Construction Site: Epsilon Vulcanis UNPFF Research Labs- to be distributed to all major construction sites.

The Hippogriff 504 is the result of 3 years of intensive research into what troops would need most in planetary combat against the Gohorn. Realizing that sometimes an AHPC isn't enough for a retreat, or an insertion, the Hippogriff was designed so that it could drop the necessary troops- plus an AHPC- under even the heaviest fire, and in all atmospheres.

Point Defence Lasers have also been provided.

Produced using combat data and analysises of what troops needed most in ground combats and rapid drops against the enemy, the Hippogriff was designed to drop a full team plus an underslung AHPC from an alltitude of up to 5,000 kilometres, and has even been equipped with 3 point defence lasers, to maximize chance of survival in heavy fire.

The Hippogriff is a tough ship, and has been approved for usage in in all non-corrosive atmospheres, and is deployed directly from starship to ground, dropping AHPCS and equivalent at a safe alttiude along the way.

It can double as a rapid Extraction Vehicle aswell, being equipped with a modernized HALO system, and has facillities aboard it for rapid "insertion" in the form of grav-chutes, should the 'ship be compromised and the crew still alive.

Currently only several, specialized "Drop" Infantry Divisions have been given them for field testing. Usage in the Combat Zone is planned for the near future.

Length: 12,1 meters
Beam: 5,95 meters
Height: 3,66 meters
Gross Mass: 38.2 tonnes

Crew Capacity
Operating Crew Capacity: 3 (Pilot, Weapons Operator, Co-Pilot)
Personnel Carrying Capacity: 12 Soldiers + 1 AHPC(underslung)

Hover Engine Systems
Impulse Engine Construction & Assembly: Majol Military Consortium - Propulsion Division, Mars
Impulse Engine Type: 3 PHP 465 Hover Fusion Reactors

Normal Speed: 200 kilometers per hour
Maximum Speed: 240 kilometers per hour
Emergency Speed: 260 kilometers per hour
Destructive Speed: 280 kilometers per hour

Weapons Systems
Manufacturer: Majol Military Consortium, Mars
Model: .25 PDL
Ouput: 40 megawatts
Number of laser turrets: 3- forward "nose", right wing and left wing. (180 degrees swivel turrets)

Deck Analysis
Level 1: Forward Section: Main Control Center and Weapons Control System
Level 1: Aft Section: Protected Troop Carrier Space
Level 0(underbelly): AHPC + HALO storage system

Various Information
Heavy but suprisingly fast, the Hippogriff was designed specifically for rapid Insertion and Extraction Missions, and has no other supporting roles.

Capable of deploying 12 Peacekeepers and 1 AHPC simultaneously, a Hippogriff can, with some support, help establish a beachhead much faster than was previously possible with older variants of the Dropship model still in circulation.

It can also be used to deploy heavier Artillery and Tanks, but at the cost of infantry space.

Currently in use by only a select few "Drop" Infantry Regiments for field testing.

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