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Angels of Khorne

Known pirate group receiving support from fringe worlds
by Marked_Man author list
in The 26th Century > Companies and NGOs > Illegal Organisations
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The Angels of Khorne were established in the year 2358. At first it was seen as a small-time pirate group and the butt of jokes of the Republican Navy, but soon its lethal espionage and sabotage made the Navy take them more seriously. Soon the group had acquired a large amount of money from anonymous doners and a large support base on fringe planets. The group controls many mining operations legitimately, but uses this operation as a means to move about un-noticed. Their actions have been quite small compared to most of the problems of the Republic, so they have been keeping themselves low, doing what they want, when they want. Occasionally strong-arming a planet to submit to its needs, creating havoc at political meetings, or destroying bits of supplies now and then to throw the military in confusion. They are a highly religious faction that believes in a God of Earth called Khorne who allegedly gives the leader prophecies on what the divine nature of the human race should be and how to mold it right. They are radicals that have persecuted colonies they believed to be "grave sinners". What sins they speak of are yet to be known...

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