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Pirate organisation known only to some of the major powers
by AOMTealFox author list
in The 26th Century > Companies and NGOs > Illegal Organisations
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The reformed pirate group is known to some powers, whilst not to others. A family-run pirate group that the TDR believed it had wiped out "The Quadrate" is ruled over by the Rosoff family, in conjunction with three other pirate organisations (thus the idea of a group of four, hence "The Quadrate."). It was believed the ruling Rosoff were all killed in the TDR Special Operations raid on their homeworld of Covenant Prime in 2317, however one member of the family survived. Her descendent has re-established "The Quadrate" and brought many of the pirate groups under one banner, and restablished the ruling body of four. "The Quadrate" is slowly regrouping, and will most likely once again become an illegal force to be reckoned with.

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