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Nugent Maximus

A neutral, isolationist, agrarian world torn apart by the war.
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General Information
Located along a number of important trading routes leading to and from Starport Nuribis, as well as a number of additional trading routes between the Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds, the Gohorn Directorate, and the Terran Democratic Republic, Nugent Maximus has peculiarly remained unimportant in interstellar affairs. The star system's only population, the Nugentians have remained remarkably isolationists and have not embraced the trading role which they could easily acquire. As such little is known about the Nugentians and Nugent Maximus' history in general. Three large planets circle around this white star. The first planet remaining permanently scorched, whilst the second, despite being a planet with more than 60% desert covering, has a population of around 12 million Nugentians

Nugent Maximus I
Uninhabitable planet due to the nearby star's solar rays
Nugent Maximus II
Populated by a small population of farmers, Nugent Maximus'is home to about 12 million Nugentians who mostly live in small farming communities sparsely populating all corners of the planet. The planet is characterised by average daylight temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees celsius, whilst in the night temperatures rarely drop under 20 degrees Celsius. Nugentians are skilled farmers who have been able to maximise the use of what little water there is.Major Cities: Groene, the only city to have around 900.000 citisens

Nugen Maximus III
Uninhabitable planet, it shares an asynchronous orbit with Maximus II and gets no light.

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