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Starport Nuribis

The Largest Trade Centre of its Kind
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Starport Nuribis

In 2460, The Organisation for Interstellar Peace celebrated the construction of Starport Nuribis, a neutral base near the edge of the Narimbar system. A small city was also built on the Moon which the starport orbited, and it is from this Nuribis moon that the starport gets its name. Nuribis orbits around Narimbar IV parallell to its rocky-rings.

Starport Nuribis (the name given to the starport and the moon combined) was the second of a series of starports created by the Organisation for Interstellar Peace. The starport's mission was from the onset to be an area of free-trade, where taxation and tariffs were non-existent. It was believed (rightly) that these ports could become commercial safe havens for the entrepreneurs of the galaxy. Within five years, Nuribis grew to become an important trading port as well as serving as the primary defence base for the Architect homeworld and the whole Narimbar system. Under the joint administration of the O.I.P peacekeeping force and the Architect defence force, Starport Nuribis has rarely refused access to its many services - whatever those may be. The starport falls under the laws of the O.I.P. laws that are reputedly some of the most lax in the entire galaxy.

Starport Nuribis, the orbital station, is in fact three facilities in one; a civilian starbase, a military starbase, and a repair and maintenance port. The starbase which houses the commercial decks and shopping centres of the starport is the busiest and largest of the three. It also has shuttle access to the surface, where commerce and trading is also the "name of the game" there. Amongst the highlights of the commercial decks including a discotheque by the name of the Black Hole, a famous bar: Tealfox's Bar, and a massive shopping centre in the heart of it all counting some 230 stores; restaurants, and cafes. This commercial facility is linked via regular shuttle transports to its other two facilities and the surface. In the nearby planet rings is a series of defence installations that are imbedded into the asteroids throughout the whole orbit of the moon, providing protection at any location. The laser cannons and missile launch bays are some of the best that military hardware can offer, making Starport Nuribis one of the best defended neutral post there ever was. It is this military hardware that has kept the Architect homeworld and the sectors in and around Nuribis safe from the collateral damage of the Terran-Gohorn war.

The third facility is a docking port that is capable of handling approximately 40 (of capital size) and 60 (of medium freighter or smaller size) starships. Often, there are more ships than the port can handle, holding position close to the docking port while awaiting to gain access to one of the prized ports. Special multi-species docking ports were constructed specifically for the Starport so that it can also handle one of the largest starship diversity in the galaxy. Its docking ports are certainly capable of docking with the major powers' ships and any vessel compatible of docking with the star bases of these powers. It is capable of providing repairs for all ships, but it does so at a fee. It is estimated that twenty percent of the revenue produced by the starport comes from these types of repairs.

Starport Nuribis is as much renowned for its wealth, prosperity and high commercial traffic as it is for its criminal underground. On the sufrace in the darker; seedier red-light district of the Starport - gang related crime is on the rise as funds from the O.I.P to maintain security has also gone down. On the commercial decks and in the trading districts, the shopkeepers have elected to fund a private security that protects the main shopping areas of the starport both in orbit and on the ground. The result is a vast fault line within the starport, with some levels being ridiculously opulent and others drab and in need of a facelift. The starport also tends to have regular visit from starships on official tours to the O.I.P homeworld, this has meant that there is always a large military presence on the Starport. It is not uncommon here to find Gohorn enlisted personnel heatedly debating with Rosebourg enlisted personnel, for Terran officers exchanging prized goods with L.M.C personnel.

Private funding is fuelling the expansion of the Starport, which, while ever attempting to build more facilities to accomodate ships in orbit, is also slowly encompassing the moon of Nuribis as well. The number of people living on the station, the surface or just passing through at any one time has been quoted at 100 million, a figure that, in the run-up to the 2010 concensus and the 50th anniversary of the starport, has been taken as gospel.

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