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The Remteklar and the Velakor
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The Gohorn Directorate's ground and space support crafts were designed to (like their starships) strike fear into their enemy's heart without even firing a shot. In order to accomplish this, the Gohorn Directorate building their vehicles big and often clustered with as many gun ports as is reasonable without hampering the operations of the vehicles. The Gohorn Directorate's ground forces are often amply protected by hover tanks that are equally excellent missile launchers (whether that is against ground or air objectives). This equipment has made the Gohorns quite capable on ground, and combined with their excellence as warriors, has made them one of the most feared ground force that ever existed. In space, however, Gohorn Fightercraft have yet to show themselves as equal to their Terran and Rosebourg counterparts - the Gohorns are still learning how to make their Fightercraft less bulky, more manoeuvrable.

The Gohorns do not try to conceal their weapons, in fact they boast them. Most, if not all Gohorn Directorate warships are mounted with large laser gun turrets that are capable of firing the deadliest shots in the galaxy. The unfortunate side-effect to these massive guns is their cost of maintenance, as well as their cumbersomeness; Gohorn starships are the least manoeuvrable vessels in the entire galaxy, and to compensate, the Gohorns have increased the weight of Gohorn starships in order to make their ships more durable under fire. The Gohorn Directorate keeps a moderately well maintained fleet, although the fleet is quite numerous in size. In sheer numbers, the Gohorn Directorate outnumbers either the Terran Democratic Republic or the Rosebourg Monarchy. However, the Gohorn Directorate's research and technology has been centring on the creation of extremely powerful, and technologically advanced battleships - most of the ships in the Gohorn fleet (due to costs), however, are not battleships.

The Gohorn Military was designed to strike fear into their enemies; the presence of the large gun turrets is enough to make most crewmembers think twice before committing themselves to engage. The Gohorn Directorate spends over 70% of its resources on maintaining its military. The military structure itself is of huge proportions, with classes and divisions within divisions. The sheer size and clout of the military has made it a government in its own right.

The military is responsible for fighting wars, but it is also the sole investigative body of the Gohorn Directorate. There is no independent police force; instead the military takes care of all criminal issues as well. The name for the police department of the military is the Taretmak.

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