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The Remteklar and the Velakor
in The Major Powers > Gohorn Directorate
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The weapons listed below are those which are issued to Gohorn soldiers. Lots of different models of weapons, as well as other less conventional weapons also exist, however those are corporation made and are not issued by the Directorate to their soldiers.

Laser Pistol - Tuton Pistol
Short Range Laser Rifle - Juar'An Rifle
Laser Rifle - Kli'zar Rifle
Long Range Laser Rifle - Graz'It Rifle
Plasma Fire Gun - Dar'Een Gun
Energy Grenade - Lak'Ort Grenades
Stun Grenade - Bas'Wer Grenades
Energy Grenade Launcher - Man'Vec Launcher
Hand-Held Missile Launcher - Jos'Xak Launcher
Personal Armour - Narto Armour

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