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The Remteklar and the Velakor
in The Major Powers > Gohorn Directorate
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Classes and Clearance Levels

Flagship - GDS Sojvadan Kimcha

War Admiral
Dreadnaught - Nartarn Class
Heavy Battleship - Sojvadan Class

Battle Admiral
Battleship - Zarter Class

Combat Admiral
Light Battleship - Garboteen Class
Fightercraft Carrier - Sevmade Class

Battle Cruiser - Khimcho Class

Combat Captain
Cruiser - Lamorn Class
Torpedo Cruiser - Panark Class
Missile Cruiser - Becarl Class
Intelligence Cruiser - Kay'Tor Class

Battle Commander
Destroyer - Asadan Class
Anti-Fighter Destroyer - Farlos Class
Light Destroyer - Backra Class

Lt. Commander
Frigate - Ishmire Class
Gunship - Kalter Class
Scout - Worsam Class
Troop Transport - Ralath Class
Armoured Troop Transport - Qartor Class
Repair Vessel - Yumonag Class
Cargo Vessel - Rachay Class
Medical Ship - Ventarne Class

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