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The Architects

The Founders of a Legacy of Peace
in The Major Powers > Organisation for Interstellar Peace
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The Architects are a name spoken on a thousand worlds. The most renowned of the neutral species, the name of ?The Architects? was not spoken much amongst the inner governmental circles of the larger intergalactic nations until the very end of the 24th century. The Architects proposed the Grand Experiment for Peace in 2393, and it was to revolutionise galactic politics for the next century.

Prior to their proposal of the "Grand Experiment," the Architects had been friendly, yet mostly reclusive race, whom amongst many races did not even have a name. The title of "The Architects," was coined by a Rosebourg diplomat, Kim Perrie, on the signing of the O.I.P Charter in 2407 in a speech he gave to the collected diplomats, in which he said "Today we have stepped over a new threshold, and entered a new day for the way this galaxy conducts business. These Architects, these Creators of Peace, deserve our thanks, not just from us, but from our children, their children, and for all our posterity yet to come."

From that day it stuck as an official title, as the true name of the Architects is impossible for most species to pronounce. The Architects did not mind the name, indeed they seemed pleased.

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