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The Major Races of the Rosebourg Monarchy
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The Navak people, who have evolved to maintain and enhance a very aristocratic society that shares many similarities to Earth's European Monarchies, dominate the Rosebourg Monarchy's population. The Navak are humanoid life forms, although they have evolved to incorporate into their physiology an unusual crystal that is located at their forehead. Omnivores, the Navak people enjoy meat more than vegetables. The crystal is shaped like a triangle, and it is thought that the crystal serves as a central regulating and power source for the cardio-vascular system. Should the crystal be damaged in any way, the Navak in question is in serious mortal danger. The crystal is linked to a series of veins which run through a Navak's body and have the appearance of tatoos that appear on the Navak's skin. These veins have been identified as redundant heat sources that help keep a Navak warm.

The Navak are very sensitive to atmospheric changes, and can only live in two atmospheres without requiring the aid of a specialized atmospheric suit that protects them from the atmospheric extremities. The atmospheres that the Navak can support without the atmospheric suit include oxygen-nitrogen atmospheres, as well as carbon-dioxide atmospheres. The Navaks' skin is very resistant to cold, although it has a low tolerance of heat - Navaks consider temperatures above thirty degrees to be unbearable, and will require a special environmental suit to protect them in such environments. The Navaks, having developed from a planet that was extremely cold prefer environments that range from negative 15 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius. This has helped make them efficient co inhabitants with snow and ice environments.

The Navak also have unusual mating practices that have been viewed with curiosity, fear, and misunderstanding from people foreign to the Rosebourg Monarchy. The Navak believe that mating purity can only come from having two bonded-ones; a Navak will usually in his life have one male bonded-one, and one female bonded-one. Marriage is a foreign word to the Navak; the bonding relationship is accomplished by a private ritual that lasts a lifetime. The bonding relationship doesn't forbid a Navak to have sex with others, but it does forbid a Navak to develop an intimate romantic and emotional relationship. Sexuality is appreciated and even celebrated, and while promiscuity is commonplace in Navak society, the Navak maintain devotion to only two bonded-ones in their entire lives.

The Navak live to be approximately 120 years old, an age that is comparable to humans. Their physical maturity, however, is delayed - in that a human teenager's physique is comparable to a Navak at age thirty. Navak children's age is from 0-30, teenagers are from 30-50, and adulthood is reached at 50. Although the physical maturity is delayed, the mental maturity develops at the same pace as humans. While a Navak child aged 15 may look like a human child aged 7, he has the maturity of a 15 year old.

The Navak physiology is remarkably comparable to that of humans. Their average height wavers around 1.70 to 2.0 metres tall. Navaks weigh on average around 70 kilograms. Navaks have fairly brittle and straight hair that can easily damage without proper care. Navaks have developed elaborate hair-care industries as a result. Whilst there is no "Navak hair style," they never allow their hair to mask the crystal on their forehead. Elder Navaks all have white hair colour, whilst younger Navaks' hair colours can be different (though the difference in shades isn't as pronounced as humans, the shades of colours waver from blond to white).

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