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Profile of the Rosebourg Leadership

The Who's Who of Rosebourg Political Leaders
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His Majesty the King of the Rosebourg Monarchy
His Majesty the King Alexander VIII

King Alexander VIII is a charismatic and well-liked leader who has benefited from an excellent education. His father was very keen on Alexander getting to know the universe in which he lived and as such ensured his education included a focus around alien species, how to deal with cultural difference, and how to reach greater tolerance.

Alexander composed his romantic triangle early in his life, ending early on any intrigue news services might have had in his love life. Some have suggested that Alexander has always been a family man, exemplified by the large family Alexander and Marie-Anna have composed. Six children have come from their union.

Alexander VIII understands politics very well; he is keen on maintaining a close relationship with the Terran Republic knowing that the Republic has maintained his economy afloat. It is said, however, that he never was thrilled about the prospect of going to war with the Gohorn Directorate and that this is the reason why the Rosebourg response has been so slow.

Alexander VIII is also seen to be a very pious man; both in action and in words. He does not enjoy "dirty politics" and has in the past dismissed members in the Royal Court who engaged in such tactics.

Her Majesty the Queen of the Rosebourg Monarchy
Her Majesty the Queen Marie-Anna

Marie-Anna is considered to be a good balance for Alexander, she is more emotional than him and has a better sense than him of etiquette and tradition. Whilst her male bonded one has always had difficulties following protocol and doing the "ceremonial" obligations, Marie-Anna seemed born for it. This might be the result of her family's long-time membership to the Royal Court.

Indeed, Marie-Anna is a descendant of the Allege family, a former royal family of Beta Hydrae. As a result, their family commands great influence in the Court and amongst the Rosebourgs - more than a few descendants of the Allege family have served as Secretary General of the Court with success. Marie-Anna has shown similar capabilities and is said to keep a close eye on the Royal Court.

Marie-Anna created a ruffle several years ago when it was discovered that she often suggested to her male bonded one who to keep on the Royal Court and who to dismiss. It was discovered that her suggestions had often meant enemies of the Allege family were dismissed.

His Majesty the Bonded One of the King
His Majesty, Bonded of the King, Andrew Rosebourg

A less public figure than Marie-Anna, Andrew Rosebourg is the Bonded One of the King. Whilst the Bonded One can exercise just as much influence as the Queen, Andrew has not chosen to exercise that influence. It has earned popular marks amongst the population who see in him to be the true love of His Majesty the King.

Andrew has tried to remain as much away from the limelight as possible, he is said to be a very shy person who stays as close to the King as possible during public ceremonies. Andrew is also said to be very close to the children of Alexander. Andrew also has his own female bonded one (Alexandria) and has had three children with her.

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