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A Castle to Protect or to Imprison?
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The Royal Defence Agency is headquartered at The Underground. It is composed primarily of civilian experts, retired military experts, as well as high-ranking officials from all the major divisions. The Defence Agency's role is to coordinate the different divisions and deliver a crystal-clear image to the King of the status of the available military assets, their on-going missions, and generally the day-to-day military and defence reality of the Monarchy.

Royal Defence Agency: Research and Development
The Royal Defence Agency is also tasked with coordinating military research and development and prioritising the research and development projects being championed by the different divisions. As a result, Rosebourg research and development whilst suffering from the Depression, has become much more efficient at getting tangible results produced.

Royal Defence Agency: Insurgency & Counter-Insurgency
The Royal Defence Agency also maintains a separate staff to deal with the issues of intelligence and counter-intelligence. The R.D.A. Insurgency & Counter-Insurgency division coordinates the findings of intelligence specialists from all of the Rosebourg major divisions as well as the Royal Guard.

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