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A Castle to Protect or to Imprison?
in The Major Powers > Rosebourg Monarchy
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Many expect this agency to become in the near future one of the new major divisions of the Rosebourg Monarchy. The Defence Fighter Force, despite its name, is similar to the 20th century French "gendarmerie" both in terms of the diversity of its mission tasks and its central bridging role as both a military force and a national police force. Defence Fighter Force personnel are ranked military officers, though their mission task takes them much closer to the civilian. The DFF serves the equivalent role as the Terran Civilian Police Authorities. On top of ensuring planetary defence through its sizeable fightercraft forces, the DFF also operates on the ground fighting crime committed by civilians.

The DFF is currently constructing its national headquarters at D.F.F. City (Gerolden VII) and maintains provincial headquarters in each of the major capital worlds of the provinces.

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