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A Castle to Protect or to Imprison?
in The Major Powers > Rosebourg Monarchy
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Classes & Clearance Levels

Admiral/Fleet Admiral
Flagships - The R.M.R.S. Liberté, Apropos, Envenant, and Agelan

Rear/Vice Admiral
Heavy Battleship - Mary Rosebourg Class
Heavy Battleship - Dracona Class

Fleet Captain
Light Battleship - Actalena Class
Fightercraft Carrier - Valeris Class

Battle Cruiser - Octum Class
Cruiser - Janis Class
Light Fightercraft Carrier - Katingi Class

Heavy Destroyer - Clarel Class
Destroyer - Alazar Class
Anti-Fightercraft Destroyer - Panabi Class

Lt. Commander
Light Destroyer - Berleos Class
Patrol Boat - Angelus Class
Frigate - Katarena Class
Repair Vessel - MPVI Class
Cargo Vessel - MPIII Class
Medical Ship - Pax Class

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