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A Castle to Protect or to Imprison?
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The Rosebourg Monarchy's military has been divided for a long time into three major divisions. The best equipped and funded of these divisions is the Royal Fleet, which sports a fast fleet that has focused on destroyers in particular to make its strength known. The biggest division, though least funded and worst equipped is the Royal Legionnaires - they are the planetary force of the Rosebourg military. A small, but extremely well trained and equipped 5000-men division forms the last of the military divisions and are assigned to the Crown and the sovereign: The Royal Guard.

Supporting the work of Monarchy's main divisions is a number of specialised corps and agencies who deal with specific aspects of the military's work. The most visible of these is the Royal Defence Agency that coordinates activities between the different divisions and administrates The Underground, the all-important command facility on Beta Hydrae that distributes operational orders to the divisional commands on Grace Minoris.

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