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A Castle to Protect or to Imprison?
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In a number of policy domains, the actual decision making structure has been specialised to meet the needs of that policy domain. The Rosebourg Military is one such structure. It takes its orders directly from the Sovereign. There are differences in operation during Peace-Time and War-Time governance within the Military chain of command.

During Peace-Time, the Sovereign gives its orders after reaching consensus with representatives from the Royal Council and the Royal Court. In Peace-Time, these groups of individuals are together the Commander in Chief. During War-Time, however, the representatives are excused and it is only the Sovereign who is in charge.

The Commander in Chief gives orders to the Triad, composed of the highest ranking officers in each of the different sections of the Rosebourg Military. Sometimes, the Triad may be expanded to include other agencies (such as the Defence Fighter Force).

Afterwards the military hierarchy divided according to the needs, material, and responsibilities of each division. Hence in the Royal Space Navy the military hierarchy is organised as shown below (similar realities exist in the other divisions):

Fleet CO's/XO's
Regional Commanders
Starbase/Outpost CO's/XO's
Wolf pack CO's/XO's
Starship CO's/XO's

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