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A Castle to Protect or to Imprison?
in The Major Powers > Rosebourg Monarchy
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  • Led by Theatre Star Marshall First Class Patrisanas. As is tradition the Knight of the Royal Court leads the Royal Guard. It is said Patrisanas has adopted a hands off approach to the Royal Guard, King Alexander VIII preferring to hand out missions directly to the Guardsmen and women he selects.

Created originally with the sole mission purpose of protecting the King, the Queen, and the Bonded One, the Royal Guard's mission has expanded over time to also serve as the eyes, ears, and personal agents for His or Her Majesty.

The Royal Guard is by far the most skilled, most gifted, and best trained soldiers the Monarchy has to offer. Guardsmen and women begin their career within the Royal Guard from an early age. Picked out from secondary school, candidates are children who exhibit gifted aptitudes of leadership, physical strength, and mental capabilities. Before they become part of the Royal Guard training programme they are put through a gruelling series of tests designed to test their loyalty to the Crown. The failure rate of this test is 90%.

Once admitted into the programme, cadets of the Royal Guard are trained to excel in every known martial arts and hand-to-hand combat methods. Depending on their orientation, they may also learn the same skills as soldiers from the different divisions (but usually to even a higher degree of educational excellence). The Royal Guard are also given a rigorous and well-rounded education to ensure that each and every of these individuals could meet the needs of the Crown at any given moment.

The superior training Royal Guardsmen receive is done to ensure the best protection is given to the Crown. These are men and women that the Crown knows with full certainty they can rely on. Amongst those who have served on the Guard, there is a great deal of close kin-ship that is unheard of in any of the other divisions. It is in many ways the source of many historic tensions between the Guard and the other major divisions of the Monarchy.

In the end, only a handful of these will actually be assigned to protect directly the King, Queen, or Bonded One. Most Royal Guardsmen operate on special missions mandated by the Sovereign or are assigned to protect other members of the royal family.

The Royal Guard is headquartered at The Underground on Beta Hydrae Prime, and trains its soldiers at its central Academy on Xeromem (Gerolden IV)

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