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A Castle to Protect or to Imprison?
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  • Led by Theatre Star Marshall Second Class Ckissteran. The Theatre Star Marshall is a career military officer who is a descendant from the Avran "pilot and navigator" class. He thus has an inherently good understanding of the strategies needed for space combat. The Theatre Star Marshall, however, has spent more time behind a desk than on the battlefield and has little actual combat experience.

The Rosebourg Royal Fleet is equipped with 12000 starships, 4000 of which are fast but extremely strong destroyers. The destroyer fleet has in the past decade been upgraded with modern weaponry and an intense diversification program that has kept resources away from the Legionnaires. The destroyers are diverse, and many of the destroyer classes are equal in strength to other nations' light cruisers. The Rosebourg Navy is renowned for its solidarity - Most ships do not travel alone, tending to travel in wolf packs of anywhere from 3 vessels to 9.

Maintaining a fleet this size is difficult, and requires clear but flexible architectures to ensure starships can be deployed where they are actually needed. At the turn of the century, the Royal Fleet implemented a new fleet structure following a review of its own performances as well as those of other species. The result was a new fleet structure markedly different from anything the Rosebourgs had had previously.

The Royal Fleet is headquartered at Kut (Gerolden II) though it maintains many of its highest ranking officers at The Underground on Beta Hydrae Prime and trains its commissioned soldiers at its central Academy on Ssel (Gerolden V)

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