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A Castle to Protect or to Imprison?
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At the top of the fleet structure are 8 major fleets accounting for 1500 warships and their support vessels. Each major fleet is led by an individual flagship, though the 1st Fleet's flagship is always considered to be the most important of these flagships.

The 1st fleet is led by the Liberté; the 2nd fleet is led by the Apropos; the 3rd fleet is led by the Envenant; and the 4th fleet is led by the Agelan. Within each of these major fleets are sub-fleets, these are known as regional sub-fleets. Within a major fleet there are 10 regional-sub fleets, and these are identified by a regional number accredited to a region by the Royal Defense Agency. These change regularly depending on the situation.

Regional sub-fleets are identified by a number; hence, a ship could be in the 1st fleet, 2nd Regional Sub-Fleet. With each of these regional sub-fleets, there are sector task forces. Sectors, in Rosebourg terms, are a group of star systems. Sectors can be identified by the first letter of the most popular star system within the said sector, and then a 1 digit number. These tend to not change as regularly as the regions do.

Sector Task forces are identified by a letter and a two digit number; hence, a ship could be in the 1st fleet, 2nd Regional Sub-Fleet, G-2 Sector Task Force. Within each of these sector task forces, there can be as many as 2 or 5 wolf packs within each of these task forces and depending the strength of the wolf pack can be as little as 3 starships or as many as 9. Wolf packs are identified by a 4 digit number.

Wolf packs are identified by a 4 digit number; hence, a ship could be in the 1st fleet, 2nd regional sub-fleet, G-2 sector task force, wolf pack #2343.

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