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A Castle to Protect or to Imprison?
in The Major Powers > Rosebourg Monarchy
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  • Led by Theatre General Third Class Joelle Marath. It is said the Theatre has a hard time during high-level military meetings because she is the only female sitting in triad meetings between the major divisions, and also because she is not originally a girl of space. The Theatre General, however, isn't a push-over and has been forcefully pushing for a more comprehensive and more generous reform programme for the Legionnaires. She has repeatedly warned that in their current state, the Legionnaires were not ready for a long protracted war.

The Rosebourg Legionnaires were formed during the invasion of the Avran Home world, and have since then taken total control of all planetary forces. The Rosebourg Legionnaires have been cursed with weapons and resources that date from the 2470s; this has placed their well-trained legions at a disadvantage. Despite this, the Legionnaires have become renowned for their fervour and creativity in combat. They can't however, stand up long against the armies of the Gohorn and are highly dependent on Fleet resources. Since the beginning of the war, the Monarchy has been taking steps to improve existing resources with cheaper (yet more advanced) Terran technology - a process that will take several years to finish.

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