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A General Introduction

Star Systems Engaged in Integration
in The Major Powers > Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds
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The Luna Minoris Confederacy represents a very diverse sector of space, arguably the most diverse in the whole of the universe behind the former territories of the Natashan Nation. When the Luna Minoris Confederacy was founded in order to give the smaller powers a bigger say in the political process of the O.I.P., five species grew to become the leading symbols of the various political positions that exist within the Luna Minoris Confederacy.

It would be premature to say that there exists a Luna Minoris Confederacy society that is the same within all the member states. In fact, sociologists have remarked that it is amazing these quite different societies have managed to work together to form the Luna Minoris Confederacy. For these same sociologists, it is viewed that the Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds owes its existence not so much due to societal reasons, but more to the pressures placed upon these star systems in a universe that favours the powers who have the biggest numbers of ships, guns, and military personnel. Indeed, although the Luna Minoris Confederacy shares the same laws on issues of economics, all member states have a unique set of social laws that aren't determined by the Confederacy itself.

For the purpose of this briefing, only the most influential societies of the Luna Minoris Confederacy will be discussed; there are many member star systems in the Luna Minoris Confederacy, each with their own set of traditions and character. It is equally interesting to note that many Luna Minoris Confederacy societies have been greatly influenced by outside contact.

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