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The Members

85 Voices Forming as One
in The Major Powers > Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds
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Name of Member State

Species (Star System)

of Economy
of National Economy
of Population
Political Position
Tauriis (Luna Minoris) Services Large Large Pro-Federalist
L'nhraeis (Leethra) Services Large Large Pro-Federalist
Acadanans (Acadanan) Services Large Large Anti-Federalist
Ventaars (Gohorn Minor) Industrial Small Large Pro-Gohorn
Dividians (Dividian League) Agriculture Small Large Pro-Rosebourg
Puozzes (Gastul) Agriculture Medium Small Pro-Federalist
Roens (Bxv) Industrial Medium Small Pro-Federalist
Takaraths (Takarath) Services Medium Medium Pro-Federalist
Degemans (Degema) Services Medium Large Pro-Federalist
Tarkens (Tarkela) Services Large Medium Pro-Federalist
Verians (Veria'G) Services Medium Small Pro-Federalist
Kendariites (KenDar) Services Small Small Pro-Federalist
Lyterans (lyter'lyter) Services Medium Medium Pro-Federalist
Frisiites (Tanafey) Services Medium Small Pro-Federalist
Meeshrans (Meeshra) Services Small Medium Pro-Federalist
Collants (Venc'intern) Services Small Medium Pro-Federalist
Duelmass (Trafa) Services Large Large Pro-Federalist
Angelagelans (Z'dgaren) Services Small Medium Pro-Federalist
Gomeries (Z'Ratol) Services Medium Medium Pro-Federalist
Josettes (Z'Vaclav) Services Medium Small Pro-Federalist
Onokeans (Celstia) Services Small Small Pro-Federalist
Hasdas (Hasdasfta) Services Small Medium Pro-Federalist
Vikramians (Kwan'Dak) Services Medium Small Pro-Federalist
Laljeedians (Hibate'Sh) Services Large Small Pro-Federalist
Fedros (Fedrottett) Services Small Large Pro-Federalist
Frodejians (Zedras) Services Medium Small Pro-Federalist
Kennees (Palatia) Services Medium Small Pro-Federalist
Vikashans (Jitiji) Services Small Small Pro-Federalist
Yolandas (Yolanda) Services Small Small Pro-Federalist
Gants (Gant) Services Small Small Pro-Federalist
Petromans (Hjh) Services Small Medium Pro-Federalist
Sawers (Sawer) Services Small Medium Pro-Federalist
X'andrii (X'andrii) Services Small Small Pro-Federalist
mujaheddians (Fasa) Services Small Small Pro-Federalist
Eurovians (Sephinaous) Services Medium Large Pro-Federalist
Ericans (Assop'Te) Services Small Small Pro-Federalist
Weyters (Weyter) Services Large Large Pro-Federalist
Mechadoris (Mechador) Services Large Large Anti-Federalist
Ontestiis (Wanfax) Services Small Medium Anti-Federalist
Keloshians (Kelosh) Services Medium Small Anti-Federalist
Membans (Memba) Services Small Large Anti-Federalist
Vik toos (Vik too) Services Medium Small Anti-Federalist
E'konians (E'Kon) Services Small Small Anti-Federalist
Habeyshians (Ohosh) Services Small Small Anti-Federalist
Verylonians (Verylon) Services Medium Medium Anti-Federalist
Mendars (Mendarforth) Services Small Small Anti-Federalist
Telloghiks (Tellogh) Services Medium Large Anti-Federalist
Koh (Koh) Services Medium Medium Anti-Federalist
Qassi (Qash) Industrial Small Medium Anti-Federalist
Bos (Bee Ba) Services Medium Small Anti-Federalist
Pheagnons (Pheagnon) Industrial Small Small Anti-Federalist
Invarcets (Invarcet) Services Small Medium Anti-Federalist
Clarens (Claren) Industrial Small Small Anti-Federalist
Erscoms (Ifrit) Services Small Small Anti-Federalist
Plassians (Arte) Agriculture Large Medium Anti-Federalist
Plassii (Gateway) Services Medium Large Anti-Federalist
Abouths (Mono) Agriculture Small Small Anti-Federalist
Typons (Keprana) Services Medium Medium Anti-Federalist
Rabanathals (Rabanathal) Agriculture Small Small Anti-Federalist
Namalies (Namaly) Services Small Small Anti-Federalist
Positions (Gti) Industrial Small Medium Anti-Federalist
Ageri (Jekkes) Services Medium Large Anti-Federalist
Akatans (Bistroe) Agriculture Small Small Anti-Federalist
Ulanis (Ulani) Services Small Medium Pro-Rosebourg
Forresters (Gweshen) Agriculture Medium Medium Pro-Rosebourg
Baktadori (Baktador) Services Small Small Pro-Rosebourg
Herren (Herren) Agriculture Medium Small Pro-Rosebourg
Lanasians (Lanas Kel) Services Small Medium Pro-Rosebourg
Gonsons (Gonson) Industrial Small Medium Pro-Rosebourg
Foppes (Wesh Maxi) Services Small Medium Pro-Rosebourg
Axelans (Zax) Industrial Medium Large Pro-Rosebourg
Concubes (Concube) Services Medium Small Pro-Rosebourg
Yegeftals (Yegeftal) Agriculture Small Small Pro-Rosebourg
Ungii (Bungey) Services Large Large Pro-Rosebourg
Dinasians (Dinas Powys) Industrial Medium Small Pro-Rosebourg
Tarcheks (Tarchek) Services Medium Small Pro-Gohorn
Oyts (Oytwq) Industrial Small Small Pro-Gohorn
Whites (Barry) Services Medium Medium Pro-Gohorn
Djitodans (Djitodo) Industrial Medium Small Pro-Gohorn
Bonchars (Bonchar) Services Small Medium Pro-Gohorn
Grzybowians (Kallaje) Industrial Small Small Pro-Gohorn
Bexarites (Bexar) Services Small Small Pro-Gohorn
Vaxahails (Vaxahail) Agriculture Small Small Pro-Gohorn
Monts (Montret) Services Medium Large Pro-Gohorn
Mahmah's (Mahfor) Agriculture Medium Medium Pro-Gohorn

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