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The Big Plan of 2490
in The Major Powers > Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds
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As of 2501, there is no standing Luna Minoris Confederacy military force, the Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds is yet to be a full military alliance and its member states cooperate on the eco-political levels only. The member states are thus responsible for their own military safety, and this has meant that within Luna Minoris space, a wide variety of ships (big and small, powerful and not so powerful, well designed and not so well designed) are responsible for patrolling LMC space. These ships' primary responsibilities are to protect and regulate LMC trading traffic, and the defence of their own systems as their governments see fit.

In 2478, a Vantaar military ship accidentally rammed a Taurii starship while doing a joint escort of a trade convoy between Taurii and Vantaar space, this alongside the Dividian inability to maintain the peace in one of its colonies created political motivation in the High House of Policy to begin plans for convergence and transparency between the Luna Minoris Confederacy states' military policies, military code, ranks, practices, as well as design. After some tough bargaining, several delegations of the High House of Policy published in late 2489 a joint draft proposal on a Confederacy military force.

In 2490, the Luna Minoris Confederacy's High House of Policy approved the First Paper on a Confederacy Military Force that laid out on paper the design of a single Confederacy military force whose purpose would be to protect the Luna Minoris Confederacy and her trading interests. As part of the paper were the technical specification files for a wide variety of starships and support crafts that would be constructed to replace existing military hardware. The existing military hardware would be progressively scrapped in a changeover that the Confederacy expected would take anywhere from a decade to three.

Despite the approval of the First Paper, the Luna Minoris Confederacy has yet to begin constructing the first shipyards capable of producing these new planned starships - in fact, the national legislatures of the various member states have mostly dragged their feet when it comes to getting the necessary approval. Although Luna Minoris and L'nhraei have already approved the plan, the Acadanans are fiercely opposed to it due to their pacifist nature. The Ventaars and the Dividians fear that if they approve the paper, their bigger neighbours beyond LMC space will invade them. Despite these fears, the Ventaars and the Dividians finally ratified the document in 2504 after an OIP non-paper circulated about how the war between the Gohorns and the Terrans was expected to intensify rather than fizzle out. Until a wide-ranging series of fears and objections can be overcome, it would seem the military force remains an idealistic paper force.

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