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Taurii (Luna Minoris Star System)

Founding Fathers of the Confederacy, Leaders of the Pro-Federalists
in The Major Powers > Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds
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The Luna Minoris homeworld is a large planet characterized by a large carbon dioxide count in the atmosphere. The effect to the Taurii physiology is quite immense, and this alongside a small gravity pull makes the Taurii a small species. The Taurii grow only to be about 1.5 m (4 feet) tall, and their skin tone is quite unique ranging from dark blue to dark shades of violets. The skin on their bi-pedal body (with the exception of the face) is quite coarse, characterized by the presence of bumps and ridges - almost as if their body was a geographic motif. Taurii faces are characterized by a lack of ears, large oval almost neon-blue eyes, and a face absent of the bumps and ridges that exist on the rest of their body. The Taurii are a proud race that have focused on the development of their economy to ensure the survival of their society, they are addicted consumerists and their society reflects this - everything better, bigger, more beautiful. The Taurii are omnivores, and are extremely intelligent and cunning. The Taurii however, have a very frail body frame, and their face is the most fragile part of their body (highly sensitive to the touch). When they are outside their home star system, they can often be seen covering that very face in a protective veil. The Taurii live to be about 105 years old, Taurii female are said to be born with latent empathic abilities, while Taurii male have tended to develop a body frame that is much stronger than the Taurii female (although still comparatively weak to the other species), Taurii males tend to be very territorial and aggressive. It is perhaps for this reason that the delegation that represented the Luna Minoris Star System during the negotiations that led to the creation of the Luna Minoris Confederacy was entirely female.

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