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Acadanans (Acadanan Star System)

Leaders of the Anti-Federalists
in The Major Powers > Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds
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In the Acadanan Star System, mammals as the dominant species never replaced plants; in fact it was the plants that preyed on another. The Acadanans are in fact the most aggressive of them all, a bipedal plant species, the Acadanans' fingers and limbs are in fact the branches and the leaves of a sentient life. Like a flower, the Acadanans reproduce by pollinating. Acadanan society is thus quite unique; the Acadanans have developed a society so intrinsically connected to every living being in their planet. Acadanan society is characterized by a high degree of interdependence; the Acadanans live collectively in their forests, and the lack of massive megalopolis make the Acadanans one of a kind in the galaxy. This, however, hasn't stunted the Acadanans' capabilities to create a powerhouse of an economy. With their green thumb and their intrinsic understanding of the environment - they are the most efficient users of space. The Acadanans are very small in stature never exceeding more than 1.3m (3 ft 8 inches) tall; they are extremely agile and have an acute sense of geography and sense of direction.

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