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Religiously Inclined, and Leaders of the Pro-Rosebourgs
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Whereas humanity left the caves when they discovered fire, the Dividians remained inside the caves and went even deeper. The Dividian physiology has developed to be a physiology that demands very little sunlight and in fact is quite sensitive to it. The Dividian skin is very sensitive, Dividian society in fact works, and lives at night rather than during the day. This suits the Luna Minoris Confederacy just fine for the Dividians have provided the employment source needed to keep the LMC's economy running on a permanent basis. The Dividians are a tall species the smallest of them being 2 meters tall and the tallest being 3 meters, while they may not like the light very much, their circumstances has turned them into excellent examples of what efficiency can do for a society it has been centuries since a Dividian famine has struck the planet. The Dividians are colour blind, all of them and have learned to trust their sense of smell and touch more than their eyes. The Dividians thus developed very small eyes, but have very large flabby ears, and sensory antennae to help guide them inside tunnels. Their society has, like the L'nhraei, developed underground. The life span of Dividians range from 125 Terran Years to 205 Terran Years.

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