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Ventaars (Gohorn Minor Star System)

The Military Brains of the Confederacy, Leaders of the Pro-Gohorns
in The Major Powers > Luna Minoris Confederacy of Non-Aligned Worlds
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It remains one of the mysteries of the universe how a species so closely related to the Gohorns could have developed in the Gohorn Minor Star System without the Gohorns ever reaching the area until the late 2200s, early 2300s. The Ventaar do, however, share many of the genetic traits of the Gohorns. The Ventaar, do have some differences primarily because Ventaar is a more aquatic world than the Gohorn homeworld is. The Ventaars have in fact developed into amazing swimmers; amphibious in nature they can survive in a total vacuum for a period ranging from 2 to 5 minutes. While Gohorn skin is green, the Ventaars' skin is chameleonic in nature, their skin adapts to match the color of anything - whether that is water or land - this has meant that the social separations that exist in Gohorn society hasn't taken place in Ventaar society. In fact, there is a surprising amount of homogeneity (both in look and in behavior) in Ventaar society - it is both naturally inclined and made even more natural through indoctrination. With the exception of a lack of hair, the Ventaar are an exact match to the Gohorns - right down to their warlike tendency.

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