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Chapter 1

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The Royal Guard was created to serve the Crown, to protect the Crown, to die for the Crown, the words echoed through Senior Cadet Lee-Andrew as the shuttlecraft?s afterburners whistled in the Cadet?s ears. The Royal Guard is the best, the most elite, the most professional, the Cadet could not shake the words as he looked out the window staring at the star field. He attempted to remain calm, but with little success. Remember, a royal guardsman never gives up, never surrenders, and never betrays, the impressionable Cadet looked over at his reflection on the window ? it was as clear as a mirror.

Here he was, a ripe eight years of age. What was he doing here? He was giving up the best years of his life to defend a person he would probably never meet. He still couldn?t believe he had applied so many years ago, when those who wanted to be royal guardsman had to apply: five for an Avran, which even by the relatively fast biological clock of the species was quite early in age. A Royal Guardsman had to be trained that early; it was the only way that the Royal Guard could be trusted to do its duty to the Crown.

We answer to the Crown, we die by the Crown, the patriotic nature of the words continued to echo in his mind. The small pod only held him and the pilot, a Senior Ensign who was little interested in getting to know the Senior Cadet. It was understandable. The Ensign was not part of his division, and the Guard always was held with a sort of contempt by the other two divisions ? to be expected? after all there was nothing better than the Guard. The Guard too instilled this clear sense of division within its soldiers: ?The Fleet is not your division, the Guard is, the Legionnaires are not your people, the Guard is.?

Cadet Lee-Andrew sighed, seeing his warm breath form a cloud in front of him. It was damn cold in the shuttle, he wasn?t quite sure why. Lee-Andrew stood up, further enhancing his observation of the shuttlecraft. The gray metallic cockpit was heavily utilitarian in its nature; there was no extra space for luxuries, plants. Only the necessary consoles, and a slight hint of comfortableness to the chairs that were in the front of the room?One of the chairs (the one on the right) was occupied by the pilot. And then there was his, a single lone passenger chair in the back of the cockpit that was neither uncomfortable nor extremely comfortable. A dull black color too, he thought in his mind.

?Sr. Cadet Lee-Andrew, you have successfully completed all the prerequisite training for the weapon?s officer?s position aboard a Royal Guard starship. Before you can graduate from this Royal Guard?s Boot Camp, you will need to complete a real life high-risk mission aboard a Royal Guard starship. Your orders are to report to shuttle bay 14, tomorrow at 0430 hours on hyperdate 500.10.23. You will be transferred to the R.R.G.S. Augusta where you will receive further instructions from Lieutenant Commander Herman-Dubroux, Commanding Officer R.R.G.S. Augusta. That is all.?

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