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Chapter 2

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?Bogey at five o?clock!? The supervisor shouted as the weapons officer locked onto the incoming enemy.

The manual anti-fightercraft guns roared loudly as it spewed its deadly energy over a selected area of space. Light blue and white energy smashed onto the fightercrafts, sending one of the fighter-interceptors stumbling away with a smoke trail lagging behind it. It was a brushing hit. But there was still more targets that needed taking care of, leaving no time to savor the accomplishment. One of the bigger guns of the ships activated, firing an intense burst straight at the fightercraft carrier in front of them.

?Navigations set your course 135 clicks 123, 30 degrees!? The Captain?s voice shouted through the open intercom box, ?Weapons, prepare a torpedo!?

They had already run out of missiles to fire, and the fightercraft carrier was still afloat. They had gotten rid of the first wave of fightercrafts, but the flying pest was continually converging on the starship like a locust swarm. There was little the ship could do about them, except soldier on. If it failed on this mission, the entire security of a Monarchy, and the Crown itself would be at risk. They were Royal Guardsmen, who unfortunately, had a royal charge that had to be protected at all costs.

?Incoming torpedo, bearing 213 clicks 23!?

?Evasive maneuver, pattern C4! Helm, get us going, and get us going fast! Emergency speed!? The Captain ordered with extreme urgency.

?Aye, sir,? The Navigations Officer tapped on her operating console, the electronic noises completing with a satisfying hum as the engines worked over time, ?Coming about bearing 214 clicks 124.?

?Weapons, arm CURT Interceptors, on the double!? The order came crisply through the communications.

?CURT Interceptors armed and ready to rock!? The female voice of the supervisor replied.

The torpedo?s sound was deafening inside the ship?s intelligence unit: Raven?s Roost. As they listened to the approach of the torpedo, the smooth (yet overpowering) sound of the torpedo?s engines grew unbelievably louder. The torpedo was coming in fast, and it was quite uncertain the engines would reach their top speed in time. Even if the destroyer was one of the fastest vehicles in the universe, there were things that starships were never able to out-run? a torpedo was one of them.

?Fire CURT Interceptors!? The Captain screamed as she got off her chair, ?Navigations, hard to port bearing 126 clicks 390!?
?Aye, Aye, Captain, coming about, hard to port bearing 126 clicks 390!?

?CURT Interceptors have been fired, Captain,? The weapon?s officer reported.

The view screen on the battle bridge switched automatically from its display of the most pertinent target to that of the image of the tactical analysis that had been completed on the incoming torpedo; the CURT interceptors were now visible. As the interceptors swirled around, their deadly anti-torpedo weaponry activated in the event they?d come in contact with the torpedo, their emitters created a variety of signals that were identical to that emitted by the destroyer. It was hoped; it?d stop a torpedo from clearly identifying where its true target was.

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