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Chapter 3

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A Few Years Ago

?You going to say mercy?? The boy stated in a small grunt as he pinned his opponent to the ground.

?Go to hell!? The opponent replied, as he tried to lift himself up, despite being pinned.

?Well fine then, see if I care,? The boy playfully slapped his opponent, getting an even feistier response.

They had done this many times before. Whenever they could find a quiet cellar, or a place where they wouldn?t be observed from either pesky royal guardsmen or any of their parents, they would come up into the dark room. There usually was a mattress or two laying around for them to just put together. It usually broke their falls, and made sure that their parents didn?t notice that they had been doing less-than-noble games. They didn?t care, however, they both enjoyed this game of physical exertion.

?Fine, fine, mercy!? The opponent grunted, as the boy let him go, but not without another playful slap that landed smack on his bum.

?You have got to stop that!? The opponent was annoyed.

?Another round?? The boy smiled, ?Sorry, sorry, I?ll try not to do it again.?

?You better not, otherwise I?ll take you down!?

?Haven?t seen you do that lately. Where you going to get the muscles??

?Screw you again!? The opponent laughed.

?So another round??

?Maybe later, let?s get a drink, yeah??

?Sounds good enough for me,? He rose from the mattress and looked at his friend, ?Wha?cha offering me, Jean-Philippe??

?Your Majesty Prince Andr?-Baptiste Rosebourg? I think whatever you want,? Jean-Philippe grinned.

?How lovely! Why thank you, is that my reward for pinning you for the umpteenth time?? Baptiste winked, as he promptly received a roll of the eyes from his cousin.

?Oh shut up why don?t you, it?s not like you haven?t lost before!?

The two crawled under the stone-pieces that held up the roof, kicking up dust that had collected over the years. No one from aside from these two had been up here for years, perhaps even centuries! As the two found the trap-gate that had led them into this world where they could compete with one another, they opened it again, allowing the rotten wooden staircase to come down, hitting the carpeted floor below. Baptiste was the first to walk down; he looked back watching as his cousin Jean-Philippe gracefully slid down, showing off his talents as usual. It seemed that these two Navaks, on the edge of Navakian puberty, could only think about competing with one another.

?Heehee, want to make the servants freak out?? Jean-Phillippe asked his trouble making half.

?Wha?cha got in mind?? Baptiste came closer to Philippe taking him in a sort of huddle.

?I was thinking going in there unannounced, think how much they?d freak.?

?Not bad, not bad at all? But I think we should come in with my trumpet and your violin, wha?cha think??

?Awwww, do we have to go all the way back? Do you know how far the Trianon is from here, it?s like ten thousand kilometers away!?

?Jeez, no wonder you keep losing, you?re sooo? laaaaazy!? Baptiste laughed, breaking from the huddle.

?Fine then, if I can?t get respect from my cousin, I?ll just execute my plan by myself!?

?Oh yeah?!??

?Yeah!? Philippe replied to the challenge with the same fervor.

?Want a piece of me?!??


?Over the wrestling mound??

?Noooo way, I?m getting a drink first!?

?Awww maaan!? Baptiste laughed even louder, as Philippe ran down the corridor in order to get his much-needed refreshment, ?You?re so lazy!?

?Just be glad I wrestle with you!? Was the come back.

The beams of sunlight brightened up the massive corridors, as the arcade glass that stood fifteen meters-high allowed huge amounts of light inside the hallways. The crystal floor, that was a common building material of this crystal-rich planet, reflected due to its polished finish. It was cleaned, and waxed each every two days by an army of royal servants that were employed for just that duty. Many of the servants had come from families that had traditionally been servants? families ? it was in their blood, and it was in their life training. The result was that professionals staffed all all the palaces owned by the royal family. It made for the sometimes-capricious demands of the spoiled princes and princesses much more carefully handled.

Roll call! Baptiste almost felt like saying as he entered the kitchen. Already the servants were busy answering Jean-Philippe?s order that seemed to be the same one he picked every single time ? trakala milkshake with fresh trakalas from Avran Prime. Jean-Philippe waved his hand at Baptiste; he had settled into his public face and was behaving himself. If only the servants knew the intense wrestling that went on in the cellars while no one was looking! It was so great to be away from the parents, no one looked out for them, because that?s what they instructed in the event the parents were off to some official event.

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