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Chapter 5

by Kim L. Smouter author list
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?Vortex drive?s fully exhausted, Captain,? The navigation?s officer reported as the twenty-four hour cycle of the dual generators was completed, ?Returning to impulse.?

?Acknowledged, Navigations,? The Captain replied as an old-style bell sounded to report the ending of one vortex drive cycle.

?Operations, inform engine room to activate recharge generators,? The Executive Officer ordered as he looked over at the sensor scans, ?Raven?s Roost, CONN, any sign of Gohorn starships??

?CONN, Raven?s Roost,? The Chief Intelligence Officer came back on the intercom immediately, ?Negative, SIGINT and ELINT reading, nothing on the boards.?

?Raven?s Roost, CONN, affirmative on that,? The Executive Officer glanced over at the Captain.

?Navigations, set course 134 clicks 123, 89 degrees, one quarter impulse.?

?Captain, think they?re on the look out??

?Doesn?t really matter if they know or not, XO. We?re a neutral ship and they better act like the neutral ship that we are.?

?Aye, aye,? The Executive Officer, ?Though still? I?ve heard reports of Rosebourg ships getting harassed as of late??

?What can I do to calm your over-sensitive nerves, XO??

?Recommend we dispatch two fighters to expand our scopes? I don?t want to get an unpleasant surprise.?

?You?re really that worried about the Gohorns??

?Hell, Terrans screwed with them for several years, I?d be dammed if the Gohorns don?t try to shoot at us for trying to enter the space controlled by their enemy.?

The Captain looked at the Executive Officer for a second and exchanged a look with him that was more of a conference to determine how serious he was about his request, ?Fine, Flight Control, CONN. Prep two fightercrafts for patrol run, acknowledged??

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