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Chapter 6

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Several Years Ago

It happened annually, the entire palace would be brimming with the noise of immature gossip. What disagreements politics couldn?t resolve, friendship would, and sometimes when adults couldn?t get the job right, the problem was shifted to the children so that the children came out as the problem solvers. The massive ceremony hall in the largest palace in the Rosebourg Monarchy was now filled with the sound of the music of the young. Youthful, energetic, loud, this was what made the young ones swing. In the supposed lack of supervision from their parents, the children danced their hearts out; the royal children met their fellow cousins or ?eligible matches,? and they also tried to impress each other.

In the room next to the ceremony hall, the noises shielded by the thick walls, their parents chatted with one another on matters concerning the Rosebourg Monarchy. They discussed which children liked which children ? they planned their futures. Such was the way the royal family operated. Surrounded by invited envoys from the major powers of the galaxy, as well as envoys from the Organization for Interstellar Peace, the reigning King and Queen watched, observed, and sometimes intervened in this obvious chess match that was unfolding right before their approving eyes. This had always been done, once a year.

Jean-Philippe walked alongside Andr?-Baptiste, the two of them trying to act as serious as they could. Jean-Philippe?s slim and tall body was accentuated by his colorful garments. Around his shoulder blade was a scarf that, once reaching the back, became a long vivid blue robe that went down the entire length of his back, and then some. A tiara, whose color matched the blue-white crystal that seemed so small in between his eyebrows, adorned his head.

Andr?-Baptiste too was made to look like the prince he was, and so were all the other royal children in this room. His body, however, was noticeably much better developed than that of Jean-Philippe ? it was perhaps the fact that their attention to different sports had made their bodies? development quite different. The two, however, looked like twins, with the same colored crystals reflecting against the dim chandeliers that hung above.

The two hadn?t seen each other since the beginning of the summer, they had wrestled so much that they had stopped trying to decide who was winning. Gone too was their wildness that had existed in the summer ? the cold, prompted by the winter, and darkness seemed to have provoked a calming effect on the two wild birds. They seemed to no longer be discussing how to wreak havoc on the palace staff. They walked down a straight line, the dancing floor to their immediate left filled with dancing youth ? well off youth who could only think about how they?d enjoy their night of dreams. Their glasses were half-empty, filled with a blue drink that sparkled in their crystal cups.

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