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Chapter 7

by Kim L. Smouter author list
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?Simulation complete, percentage of targets hit seventy-five, report transmitted,? The computer reported in its usual monotone voice.

?Well done, Cadet, you?re certainly getting better by the day.?

?Thanks Sir,? Lee-Andrew looked around, the weapons control room, sighing for a moment.

?You?ve done enough for one day, Lee-Andrew, might as well call it a day. Dismissed,? Navar nodded to him as he left his post and walked out of the weapons control room.

It had been days of constant training. Lee-Andrew could feel the sweat running down his cheeks. His palms too were moist; he had constantly been loosing his grip of the trigger. The break was welcome, and he was glad Navar could actually sense his breaking points. But each day, the sessions had gotten longer ? much longer than any Academy session. She said she was preparing him for ?Hell Training? ? the twenty-four training session where one just spent his entire day shooting? one had to get above ninety percent on the percentage of targets hit? Hell.

?All Senior Officers, CONN. Report to Support Crafts Bay, on the double,? The voice of the Executive Officer ordered.

Navar nodded to her officer of the watch, as she handed control of the weapons control room to him. Navar sighed, looking at her dress uniform as she tugged on her shirt a little to make the crease disappear. Her golden eyes observed the room cautiously for a moment, as she confirmed to herself that her command was secured. Navar walked out with an assured walk as she made a turn that led to the elevator tube.

?Cadet, hold up!? Navar ordered, as he held the elevator tube.

Navar jogged and entered the elevator tube, looking over the senior Cadet for a moment. He reeked of various masculine scents that awakened her cat-like instincts inside of her. Her nostrils flared up for a moment, as she shot a sneak peek at the Cadet that had joined her weapons crew. He was a decent looking Navak; the crystal on his forehead was light blue and reflected off softly against the glow of the lights. The turbolift stopped, the doors opening allowing the Navak to get off.

Navar instinctually purred as he left, looking at the backside of the Sr. Cadet with more than just an innocent eye. The turbolift doors closed, bringing her back to reality. She hoped that Cadet hadn?t heard her. The turbolift continued on its slow descent down the decks. People got on, others got off, the exchanges were rapid and without any comments. It only took a few minutes before Ensign Navar was on Deck 12? headquarters for Central Engineering as well as the Main Support Crafts Bay.

?Ensign,? An enlisted crewman nodded, as the Ensign saluted in reply, passing past him.

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