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Chapter 8

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A Few Years Ago

?You like him?? Andr? looked at his cousin suspiciously as they walked down the corridors of the summer palace, ?As in like him, like him??

?I don?t know?? Jean-Philippe kept his eyes away from Andr? has he explained the ?Nelson? situation.

?Dude, that?s not possible man, he?s human!?

?I know??

?Think about what people will say.?

?I know??

?Jeez, Jean-Philippe, I know we hate our positions, but man? you really can?t let yourself get dragged into something.?

Jean-Philippe sighed, looking at Andr?, ?I know.?

?Humans? great,? Andr? tossed his hands up in the hair, ?My cousin forces me to dance in front of ?em, and then he falls in love with one of ?em? Damn it? Damn it? Damn it.?

Jean-Philippe walked up the stairs, their parents were off doing some sort of official ceremony and the young Navaks had been given a chance to have some free time to themselves. Having not mentioned any of this to anyone, Jean-Philippe thought he would test the waters with Andr?, even if he took it badly, at least he knew the secret was safe with him. The two princes had shared everything together, and had done many things together that they would never tell a soul.

?Jean-Philippe, seriously??

Jean-Philippe interjected, abruptly, ?I think I like him, like him.?

?You realize what you?re saying? You could get into serious trouble for saying that.?


?You know humans? they?re?I mean??

?They?re our allies, aren?t they??

?That doesn?t mean we sleep with them,? Andr? replied more coolly than he had ever done before.

?Who said anything about sleeping with them??

?You did.?

?I didn?t! I wasn?t even thinking about him like that ? he?s really nice to me.?

?Of course he is, the damn human wants to get in your pants, Jean-Philippe, and then blackmail you too!?

?What?? Jean-Philippe looked at Andr?.

?That?s what they did to the Gohorns? They blackmailed them!?

?I?m sorry I even brought this up.?

?You?re crazy sometimes, Jean-Philippe.?

?Maybe?? Jean-Philippe looked at Andr?, ?But aren?t there more m?tis everyday??

?Yeah, plenty? Dad went to speak to their leaders? but that doesn?t mean we should start falling in love with ?em? Humans are so gross.?


Andr? groaned, ?Well? if you feel that way about him? Jeez, you?re going to get yourself in such trouble when they find out.?

?Who says they have to find out??

?We?re on constant watch by the media, and you know it better than anyone else, Your Majesty the Crown Prince!?


?Still nothing, you know the comments everyone?s going to make.?


?Well, you better prepare yourself for them,? Andr? insisted, looking straight into the eyes of his favorite cousin.

?I guess you?re right.?

?You know, I?m right.?

Jean-Philippe remained silent as they made the top of the stairs, and looked down the hall that would lead towards Andr??s suite, Andr? backed him to the wall, looking into his eyes, as his hand remained firmly on his shoulder pressing him to it.

?Jean? I might not understand why the hell you?re even remotely attracted to that? thing, but it doesn?t change my feelings for you, you?re still my favorite couz, okay??

?Thanks Andr?? but? hmm? mind letting go? It hurts.?

?Sorry, I didn?t notice it,? Andr? let him go, as the two exchanged serious looks, ?Man, we?re having serious conversations? What the hell is going on??

?I think they call it growing up.?

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