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Chapter 10

by Kim L. Smouter author list
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?Krap?!? One of the crewmen shouted as the last metal piece was placed into the monolithic structure.

?Damn, you?re way too good, kid!?

?Thank you, sir,? Lee-Andrew replied, obligingly, looking at the finished structure. He had won the game? for the fifteenth time.

?I give up, I?ve only got so much in my paycheck.?

Lee-Andrew laughed, ?I?ll quit while I?m ahead too,? he stood up being patted on the back for his skills.

The metal chimes that made up the key instrument in contemporary Rosebourg music announced the beginning of a new song. Combined with electronic noises, the two combined to create a sort of Rosebourg dance music that was quickly taken up by some of the younger crewmembers. Some people danced, others talked, others kissed (if their ranks allowed for it). Lee-Andrew liked the Mess Hall for its warm atmosphere, the small crew all knew one another, and the Mess Hall was a welcome break from a hard day?s work. One could pick up the bad food, or get a drink mixed reasonably well, a lot could be found in the Mess Hall.

What was the best for Lee-Andrew was that the Mess Hall was located very close to the laser turrets. It allowed him to take his break, enter the Mess Hall, grab a drink, and be back in time for the minutes to just run out. He knew everyone who was assigned to the Weapons Division did the same thing. He walked up to the gallery where the menu for the day was presented to the disgust of the crewmembers. He nodded to one of the catering crewmen, waiting to be helped.

?What will it be?? He asked in a gruff tone.

?Nig Cinot, if you please,? Lee-Andrew replied.

?Hmph, kid?s drink if you ask me,? He commented, as he took the separate bottles and mixed the Nig Cinot, ?Here you go, thirteen credits.?

?Thanks,? Lee-Andrew handed over his card, hoping there was enough left on his credit, he was supposed to get his paycheck fairly soon.

?If it isn?t Sr. Cadet Lee-Andrew,? His supervisor shouted, as she entered wearing a beautiful evening dress? She was off-duty.

?Sir,? Lee-Andrew snapped to attention.

?Cadet?? She twirled around, ?Off duty, you can be at ease? Honestly,? she sighed and smiled to him.

?Aye, sir,? Lee-Andrew relaxed, observing the beautiful dress of his supervisor.

?I haven?t been out of a uniform for months, I thought I might as well get into one.?

?Hmm?? Lee-Andrew replied, unsure what she was talking about.

?Into a dress.?

?Oh, it?s very?.? Lee-Andrew was interrupted.

?It?s very what??

?Permission to be frank, sir.?

?Permission granted.?

?You look absolutely gorgeous, sir.?

?Why thank you, Senior Cadet, that?s the nicest thing anyone?s said to me in a quite a while.?

?Sr. Cadet,? The bartender?s timing was terrible, as he handed back the card, ?Here you go.?

?Thank you?? he paused, looking at his beautiful supervisor, ?May I buy you a drink??

?You may,? She looked away from him, ?The usual.?

?Right, give me a second, Ensign.?

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